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Shore Excursions and Tours for Cruise Ships visiting New Zealand and Australia

Shore Trips & Tours have now moved to a new web site. This can be located at the following location: This new site allows real time booking of tours and services with a secure credit card payment gateway.

We hope you find the new site easy to use and, if you have any issues then please email us.


Terms and Conditions

Shore Trips & Tours Booking Terms and Conditions. June 2012.

Shore Trips & Tours accepts your booking upon the following Terms.

1. For Signature Class tours we will endeavour to provide the vehicle of your choice, but we reserve the right to provide an alternative vehicle of a similar or higher specification should there be a mechanical or other problem, which cannot be resolved.

2. Should we be unable to provide your tour through our own fault, [excluding acts of nature, terrorism or war] then a 100% refund will be given.

3. Your tour itinerary will be followed as closely as possible but in some cases may be affected by adverse weather or road conditions; in such cases alternative destinations and activities of a similar nature will be offered.

4. Changes made by operators of attractions and activities we visit are outside of our control but we will endeavour to minimise such occurrences by close liaison with the operators.

5. Should you choose to shorten the tour for any reason then no refund is payable for any unused portion of your tour booking or inclusions not taken.

6. Your booking will only be accepted upon receipt of a 25% booking deposit. The balance of the cost must be paid at least 14 days before the tour date, Should you cancel before the final payment is made then your deposit will be refunded less a $100 administration charge.

7. Once final payment has been made our cancellation policy is as follows.

a. Within 48 hours of the start of the tour, no refund will be given.
b. Within 7 days [but before 48 hours] prior to the tour date, a 50% refund will be given.
c. Within 14 days [but before 7 days] from the tour date, a full refund less a $100 admin fee on Signature         Class tours or $25 per person for seat on coach shared tours.

8. Should the tour duration exceed that which has been booked then we will invoice any additional time at the hourly rate for the hire, in 30-minute segments. Any such additional charges we be made to the credit card used for the booking

9. Only the number of passengers for which the tour has been booked will be carried.

10. We accept no responsibility for and injury to persons or damage or loss of personal possessions belonging to those persons except that which we have legal obligation so to do.

11. We accept no responsibility for any incident, delay or changes to the arrangements, which are outside of our control.

12. Our vehicles are fully licensed as Passenger Service Vehicles, hold current Certificates of Fitness, are fully insured and will be driven only by Passenger Service endorsed drivers.

13. Where seat belts are fitted, it is the responsibility of the passengers to use them.

14. No smoking will be allowed in the vehicles.

15. Any damage caused to the vehicles by the hirer we be charged for.

16. Signature Class Tours are designed for group bookings. The total vehicle hire charge will be payable in full regardless of the number of persons who actually take the tour on the day. If Shore Trips & Tours are advised at least 48 hours before the tour date of a reduction in the group size, we will endeavour to change the booking for a smaller capacity [and lower cost] vehicle. Any unused destination and activity charges which have been booked in addition to the vehicle and guide hire will also be refunded where possible. The Tour Group leader making the booking will be responsible for all charges and should make others in the group aware of this.

17. Where a Cruise Ship fails to make port due to weather or mechanical difficulties, a 100% refund will be provided for all bookings..

18. If the cruise ship is delayed or arrives on an alternative date, every effort will be made to reschedule the tours, if we are unable to do this then a full refund will be given.

19. Unless where prepayment is a requirement of booking, all accounts are payable by the 20th of the month following date of invoice. We reserve the right to charge interest at 2.5% per month and a late payment penalty of 10% on any overdue accounts. If the account is not paid within 30 days after due date, our debt recovery agency may charge you a fee equal to 25% of the unpaid portion of the invoice and other collection costs not covered by the fee. The minimum fee will be $25.00.




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